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We work with a small number of new clients every year. Our services aren't for everyone, but if you're the right fit, we can transform your life.

We've been coaching people suffering with Digestive Issues and Autoimmunity to go from SICK to HEALTHY to THRIVING 
for the past 12 years

The Application Process

After you click the Apply for Help button you'll fill out a short questionnaire that tells us more about you.

Since we will only be working intensively with a limited number of people this year, we have a strict application process and only work with people we are certain we can help.  

In fact we turn away more than 25% of the people who apply to work with us because we're not absolutely confident we can help them.

The first step is to fill out the short questionnaire and then have a chat with us to make sure we're truly the right fit to help you.

If after you submit your application and we have a chat, we both agree we are the right fit, we'll get going to help you transform your life.

And if we're not the right fit, we will do our best to refer you to someone who is the right match for you.

So if you're still feeling a little nervous, or uncertain, but know you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, fill out the application, and let's have a conversation. 

If we're the right fit we'll change your life, and if we're not we'll still do everything we can to help. Either way, things get better for you.

Working with Us

If having a proven expert on digestive issues and autoimmunity by your side to help educate, guide, and support you as you work through a comprehensive process designed to get you results, sounds like the right choice for you, then read on...

We are a boutique, low-volume practice focused on providing first-class coaching. 

In order to provide all of the guidance, support, and education that people with digestive issues and autoimmunity need to get better - not just temporarily improve their symptoms, but tackle the root causes - we can only work with a limited number of people who are the right fit for our services.

Currently we are looking for the right...

3 People

And Once We're Full We Can Only Take On New Clients When One Of Our Clients Graduates From Their Care

So if you're ready to stop suffering with digestive issues and autoimmunity...

And you see the value in the Sick to Thriving Process, then apply to work with us now!
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